Vector Art & The Pen Tool

Here are some examples of vector art:

air-jordan-logo-brand-1000x500   OVO OWL1-B-LOGO-JPG

80s_hard_work_beats_outlines_black   will_run_for_dessert_cream

Today we will practice using the pen tool. After the demonstration, you will:
1. Download the “” file here.
2. Unzip the file.
3. Open the .ai file in Illustrator.
4. Trace over each shape with the pen tool. (They are numbered from the simplest to the most complex.)
5. Save your file as a PDF.
6. Create a new blog post. Answer the following question: “What are some differences between vector and raster art?” and upload the PDF containing the vector images you have traced. Also describe any difficulties you had with the pen tool.

If you finish early, finish or edit your digital collage blog post so that it follows these guidelines and matches this sample blog post.

Important note: If Word Press is not letting you publish posts, you need to verify your email address.


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