Vector Illustration of a Raster Image

Today we will create a vector illustration of a raster image. In short, we will use the pen tool in Illustrator to trace over part of a photograph.

For example, we can turn a photograph of chocolate chip cookies into a vector illustration:

chocolate_chip_cookies vector_cookies

After the demonstration, you will:
1. Download a photograph.
2. Create a new file in Adobe Illustrator and place the downloaded photo in that file. (File -> place)
3. Create a new layer. Trace over your first shape. (You may need to decrease the opacity of this layer so you can see what you are tracing.)
4. Bring the opacity back 100% and adjust the color if necessary.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are happy with your vector illustration.
6. Save your Illustrator file, and then save a version as a .pdf
7. Create a new blog post. In this post, upload your source photo and the .pdf of your vector illustration. Write a brief paragraph describing your image. Include any difficulties you had creating the image, and how you worked through them. Credit the source where you got your photo, so you don’t wind up in trouble like Shepard Fairey:



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