Vintage Poster Wrap-Up

Today we will:

  • post our final vintage poster designs to our blogs, along with a brief self-reflection
  • (if time allows) take and post a few photos to our blog, reviewing the photography basics we learned last year (camera angle, rule of thirds, etc)

By the end of today’s class, you should create a new blog post with the following:

  • a PDF of your final project
  • a jpg of your final project (open your PDF in photoshop, file -> save as -> jpg). This will allow people to view your design directly in the blog post
  • a self-reflection that critiques your poster on the following elements:
    • Visual balance – How well does the poster show the rule of thirds? If it breaks this rule, how have you created in an interesting composition? How well have you balanced the postive and negative space in your design?
    • Integration of text & image – If your image contains text, does it add to or detract from the image? How have you made the text aesthetically appealing?
    • Color scheme – How well do the chosen colors work together?
    • Craftsmanship – How well have you used the pen tool? Does your poster contain any unintentional lumps or bumps?
    • Influence of historical graphic design era – What are some ways your poster reflects the graphic design style it was inspired by?
    • Creativity & Aesthetic Appeal – Is your artwork still unique while following the project guidelines? Does your artwork look attractive? How well does the artwork display unity?

If you take photos today, you will also create a second blog post with the following:

  • your best photos
  • a paragraph describing what you remember about photography, what is working well, and what you would like to review or learn.

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