Photo Assignment 2: Light, Shadow, Reflection

Our second photography assignment focuses on light, shadow, and reflection. In order to really focus on capturing interesting light, we will shoot this assignment in black and white. Here are some photographers known for their outstanding use of light in black and white photography:

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is arguably the best-known American photographer. He is famous for his black and white photographs of the American West.




Gavin Hammond

Gavin Hammond is a contemporary London-based photographer. Inspired by London’s many rainy days, he has taken an entire series of photographs in the reflection of puddles.




Project Requirements

Daily – At the end of each class, you will:

  • Copy any photos you have taken that day onto your username and a back up (google drive account, flash drive, etc)
  • Delete photos off the memory card
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • Post your best photos unedited from that day.
    • Write a few sentences describing what you like about each photo, and what you can improve by later editing the photo.

Final – At the end of the unit, you will create a new blog post with the following:

  • Your 10 best photos from that shooting assignment. (Ideally, try to post five photos of lighting and shadow, and five of reflection. Lighting, shadow, and reflection are all interconnected, so your all of your photos will probably feature this elements, at least to some degree.)
    You will post the original photo next to the edited photo to allow for side-by-side comparison.
  • You will write a short paragraph describing the changes you made editing the photo.
  • All photos should be in black and white. (You should only be shooting in black and white for this assignment, anyway!)

You will be graded on:

  • Documentation of daily progress via daily blog posts.
  • Quality of 10 final photos.
  • How well the 10 final photos show your understanding of lighting and its impact on photography.
  • Technical editing; your edited photos should look better than your originals.
  • Improvement and reflection; your photos should be getting better with practice and reflection.
    This should be clear in your daily blog posts.

Reminder of Class Back Up Policy:

It is your responsibility to save your photos to at least two different locations.
I will provide ample class time to take enough photos to do well on this project. If you fail to back up your photos and lose  your work, you will still be required to turn in ten photos by the deadline, and will be graded on these photos.


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