Compiling our Photo Essay

Today’s essential question: What are some words that describe your view of Rochester? Today we will begin compiling our photo essay.

Today we will:

  • create an outline of our photo essay artist statement by answering the questions in this blog post.
  • sort through the photos we have taken, and create a folder with the 12-15 photos we feel best show our view of Rochester.
  • create a new blog post with the following:
    • The 12-15 photos that best show our view of Rochester. (I can then give you feedback on which photos are the strongest, which photos can be improved with further editing, and which photos you should not include in your 10-12 image photo essay.) Try to post the edited versions of the photos. If you haven’t finished editing all the photos you want to use, you can post unedited photos when necessary.
    • The first draft of our artist statement (compiled from the answers to the questions in this blog post).
  • If you finish before the end of class, explore your classmates’ blogs and leave them comments letting them know what you think are their strongest photos (and why).

Photo Essay Artist Statement Brainstorming Questions

Begin by finishing the following sentence: My view of Rochester is… Ask yourself what you’re photographing What does your photo essay express? What makes your photo essay unique? Ask yourself why you’re photographing it What motivates you to create this photo essay? What emotions or feelings are you trying to convey? What does this photo essay mean to you? Ask yourself how you’re doing it What do you draw inspiration from? What tools and materials do you use? (What type of camera? Are you using color or black and white? What type of lighting?) How does your equipment and color mode choice affect the end product? Consider your influences What influences you (ex. Art, music, literature, politics, the environment)? How have these influences made an impression on you? How do these influences manifest themselves in your photo essay? Try to be as specific as possible. Determine what you want people to understand What do you want people to take away from your photo essay? What message or emotion are you trying to convey? Molly and Deanna have great first draft artist statements on their blogs.

Some more photos that show a teacher’s view of Rochester

What do you see here?
How might you apply some of my techniques to your photo essay?



IMG_1143_crop_bw IMG_1194_crop_bw IMG_1041_crop_bw IMG_1072_crop_bw IMG_1341_bw_crop


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