Finishing our Photo Essay

Today we will finish and submit our final photo essay. I have printed out and given feedback on everyone’s first draft artist statements. Consult these sheets and make any necessary changes. If you did not create post to your blog last class, you will not have a sheet. You will be on your own, but you will still need to submit the same two blog posts as everyone else by the end of this class.

By the end of today’s class, you should create two blog posts:

  • Blog post 1: Make any suggested changes to your artist statement and photos. Upload the 10-12 final edited photos, and the final draft of your artist statement. See Angela’s blog for an example of an outstanding artist statement with solid descriptions and concrete examples. Notice how her voice shines through.
  • Blog post 2: Upload 18-20 more edited photos that you took this year (you need to submit 30 total, including the ones in your artist statement).

If you do not finish the photography unit today, arrange a time to catch up between now and 3pm on Friday.

The following elements comprise your 1st marking period grade:

Clip Art Illustration of a Penguin with Report Card Projects (60%)

  • Vintage Poster Design
  • Photo Unit (10-12 Image Photo Essay, Written Artist Statement that coordinates with your photo essay, 18-20 other photos of your choice)

Participation (40%)

  • mid-marking period blog grade
  • end of marking period blog grade
  • were you prepared, prompt, and polite each day?

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