Photo Essay: Finishing Touches

Great example of Rochester photography in the news (from the 13 WHAM Facebook page):

This one is for all of the women voters! In the last 36 hours, Susan B. Anthony’s grave in Mt. Hope Cemetery has been visited by people adorning it with “I Voted” stickers to honor the icon of women’s suffrage.


(Photo courtesy: Deborah Ketchum)

Today we will:

  • finish editing our photos
  • Create a new blog post with the 12-15 photos that best show our view of Rochester. (I can then give you feedback on which photos are the strongest, which photos can be improved with further editing, and which photos you should not include in your 10-12 image photo essay.) Try to post the edited versions of the photos. If you haven’t finished editing all the photos you want to use, you can post unedited photos when necessary.
  • If your artist statement is not yet in paragraph form, turn it onto a solid, well-developed paragraph and post it to your blog as well.
  • Create a second blog post with an additional 15-20 photos that did not make your photo essay.

Over the weekend, I will review all of your artist statements and accompanying photos and write detailed feedback on ways you can improve them. (If you do not post 12-15 photos, I won’t be able to give you feedback, and you will be on your own! This generally results in lower quality artwork and grade. Don’t do this to yourself!) On Wednesday, you will implement my suggested changes. On Friday, Mr. Chandler will observe our class as we critique our impressive photo essays.

See the blog post below for an outline of all assignments that will count towards your first marking period grade.


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