Combining Images into a Cohesive, Unified Piece

Some of you already have a great start on your projects. If you are still stuck for ideas, drag all the photos you are thinking of using into your Photoshop project file. This will create a digital collage and you may be able to see a clear theme. Here are some examples:



Replica of Slave Quarters


Once you have combined any images you might use, begin removing the backgrounds from each image. Leave the file’s background plain for now. If you can create a strong composition against a plain white background, it will only get better when you add the right background. Conversely, getting stuck on a weak background early in the project will only hinder you.

If you already have a strong concept like Lauryl or Giacomo, keep going:


Lauryl’s progress from last class


Giacomo’s progress from last class

Post your progress to your blog, and write a few sentences describing what you plan to do with the images you have combined. Make sure you also write about anything you are struggling with.


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