Interior Design Styles

Interior Design Project

Today we will begin our interior design project. We will research various interior design styles and create a new blog post with a “mood board” of the look we hope to achieve.

We will start with one of these blank room templates and turn it into an interior space of our choosing. You may want to consider, but are not limited to, spaces such as a dream bedroom or dorm room, an art studio, a coffee shop or restaurant, a music venue, or a store.
6301562-3d-empty-room Empty Room

Here are some examples created by my middle school students. I expect more from this class:



Interior Design Styles

Below are some images of various interior design styles. These are just ideas to get you started; you do not have to model your interior space on any particular style.

Art Deco

e1a9e829dac05a25bf8c72d8212be0de deco-ralph-lauren-1 stair-art-deco e7aa945d05f70a2023a7286fb8f2f16d 34448de365c78b4cf8881efc6801688c 4af9454eef90da2cef3ec0afcfe8db7e


asian_zen_bathroom 83c145244e665ea33aef920ab55da433 zen-living-room Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.17.15 PM e2c0b462e3d1fcd8f30d0e47935f8e25

Modernism/Minimalism (shop at IKEA)

a302a49e0398d654b762c0a5dfc64688 9b9f7456734b8040ec28ab131903309f eced22a159d1346aec06d4984ea20855 dda05e7b0258586c87abdd17bf064b75 90b0e90e6590b35b269464fc926ee6cc 59a23901404330159446c6cb845efd82 a79bf35261408957ec5815c77a656589

French Country/Shabby Chic (shop at Anthropologie)

6434db70b463266f548a3238ed254b75 8fee609fe9e57f5b9af7a60df15e55f1 9f6d2dc1e9492f6578ab3e6b5f2be18c 697b3f9b95cbec54e6f16acafa91ff3a 0ac428d950d70dc0daede2e299c618c8


chartres_cathedral_interior-142F8D05B937577094D e12edd8d100c2bd9349a8ef1b733a72e f500931644f3db1d1ce6cac1a8bd15d9 gothic-bedroom gothic-library 82488471218d211554973e1835ade14d

Industrial (shop at Restoration Hardware)

4edcb0e70879db04ab8f953d6c1e53b3 59d14dc340820dd3bdbe95ed8982fada 37b116a495a145222e88d7a2725c627a 7c13bed8846a794b5d30cd7f94ad4eb5 industrial-dining-room-interior-design 600f756f1c5a16227d16ad54997c2fbb 9b59af4255c717f1c78dfedb921cf2f3  452281526d1685c2119a371aeee3b6a0

There are many more interior design styles featured on the Interior Designipedia website.

Today we will

  • research potential interior design styles we may use in our project
  • create a new blog post with the following:
    • a minimum of 15 images we may use in our room design project. These images should cover the following things: architectural details, color, floor materials and coverings, windows and window coverings, lighting, furniture, art and accessories. Remember, you are starting with the plain image at the top of the blog post, so you will have to add every detail in the room yourself.
    • a paragraph describing the intended purpose of the room, and how the items you have posted will contribute to the room

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