Last Day for Room Design

Today’s essential question: What are some details you can add, or changes you can make, that will take your room design from good to great?

Today is our last day for our room design projects (or your last day to work on your chosen opt out project).
The changes most rooms would benefit from include adding a light fixture to the ceiling and opening up the room by adding windows or doors. Notice the effect that the doors have on the room below:

Serena - Grade 12

Serena – Grade 12


Damare – Grade 11

Today we will

  • Finish our room projects. If you posted your progress to your blog lat class,
    I have created a slip of paper with feedback on suggested changes to work on today.
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • a jpg or png of our final room design
    • a 150 word artist statement describing the room. Explain why you choose each object and material,
      and how your choices unify the room and tie into your unique artistic style.
  • View our classmates’ rooms and leave comments. Example of a weak comment: “Nice room. I like it.” Example of a strong comment: “I love how Tahmir combined different styles that normally wouldn’t go together, such as the graffiti wall and the expensive looking glass railings and furniture.”

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