Brush Size & Hardness

How do brush size and hardness affect line quality?

Brush Size

You are probably familiar with changing the brush size, which impacts how thin or thick a line appears.
Compare the different effects Damare and Jabari have achieved by using different sized brushes:





Brush Hardness

You can also change how crisp or blurry a line appears by adjusting the brush hardness.


To create crisp lines, set the brush hardness to 100 at the brush settings palette at this top of the screen:
hardness_100_settings   hardness_100_ss

To create softer lines, lower the hardness of the brush. Setting the hardness to 0 will give you the softest or blurriest edges:
hardness_0_settings   hardness_0_ss

Looking for something in between? Experiment with different hardness values between 20 and 80%.

Today we will:

  • continue working on our rotoscoping projects
  • create a new blog post with our progress

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