Choice Week

I have left written feedback for most people with suggestions for finishing touches. These suggestions are the bare minimum for what I would consider a “finished” project. Once make the suggested changes, you should upload a JPG or PNG of your finished project to your blog and write a 150 word artist statement on the project. You will then have two choices for the remaining classes this week: spend the time making your rotoscoping project even more awesome, or complete a small photo series on the topic “winter.” If you complete both projects, I will grade both but only input the better grade into parent connect.

Rotoscoping Project

Here are some rotoscoping projects that are looking great so far.
Notice how they have all altered/traced over most of the original photo to create something completely new:









Winter Photography

If you are mentally done with the rotoscoping project (or are happy with the results but just happened to finish early), you may choose to photograph winter. You will take and post at least 15 photos, and after consulting with Ms. Lawson, and editing anything necessary, submit a final miniseries of 5 solid photos. It is up to you whether you choose to go outside, but if you choose to stay exclusively indoors, you will probably also need to photograph at home to get enough variety and interest.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Use these as a starting point, but do not feel limited by them: Winter-Photography-Icicles

2b3305c76e3bb85ec85a8f59be0e6d75   4ec47aefc0473050816a65bd8d94e77c   4329d036dca2cc8c4abb8f2ad6db3a57   abc5efbd22b98378309b8f06ba5d13a4   ef9e81bfe08ce59a10914802453258ba   IMG_3790-837x1024   IMG_5021-1024x682 Sprite-1024x771

Deanna took some great winter photos last week:

  wpid-snapchat-5019043445535036577  wpid-snapchat-1584089560665314532

Today we will:

  • make the suggested changes to the rotoscoping project
  • choose one of the following options:
    • continue working on the rotoscoping project to make it even more awesome
    • take photos on the topic “winter”
  • post today’s work to our blogs

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