Drawing Our Typographic Portraits

If you posted a reference photo to your blog, I have printed it.
Today we will begin drawing our portraits on the 18×24″ project paper.

Begin by lightly drawing the outlines of the shapes created by the value changes in  your reference photo:drake_cut_paper_edited

Now pick one of the following options depending on the style you are going for:

Option 1

If you prioritize maintaining legible words over creating a realistic drawing, fill in each shape with bold letters:

You will then color in each letter with black ink pen or colored pencil to create an image like the ones below:
103a88cee648ac92a2780d39d9cd60ea   75881323a132de9ccd5960461bfdb3f2

Option 2

If you prioritize creating a realistic drawing over maintaining the legibility of the words, pretend you are scumbling (controlled scribbling) or stippling with words. Lightly draw in words over the mid-tone areas, and layer words on top of one another to create a gradually darkening gradient. This will create an image like the ones below:




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