Vector T-Shirt Design Project Requirements and Timeline

Today we will start a t-shirt design project. You may choose to buy an actual t-shirt with your design. The pricing is as follows: $10 for a white men’s cut t-shirt, $16 for a black men’s cut t-shirt, $16 for a white women’s cut t-shirt. Money is due to Ms. Lawson by Friday, April 24.

This is a short project, and as such, you will have six classes to create your t-shirt design.
Please follow the timeline below to make sure you stay on track:

Day 1
  • Introduce Project & Requirements
  • Brainstorm Project Ideas
  • Post Project Idea and Inspiration to blog
  • Start 2-3 thumbnail sketches
Day 2
  • Go over more examples of designs that feature a balance positive & negative space
  • Finish 2-3 thumbnail sketches in Black & White
  • Feedback from peers & Ms. Lawson on strongest design
  • Photograph strongest design
  • Post photograph of sketch to blog
Day 3
  • Review how to vectorize design in Illustrator
  • Begin tracing over design in Illustrator
  • Save as PDF and Post progress to blog
Day 4
  • Continue tracing over design
  • Save as PDF and post progress to blog
Day 5
  • Discuss how to potentially add color
  • Continue tracing over design.
    Optional: Save file as a second version and add more than one color
  • Save as PDF and post progress to blog
Day 6
  • Discuss how to put design on t-shirt in Photoshop
  • Put design on t-shirt
  • Post the following to blog:
    • Final Design
    • Design on t-shirt
    • Artist statement
  • Peer Critique by leaving comments on your classmates’ blogs

Project Requirements

  • Original concept (DO NOT merely trace over an image you found online)
  • Concept sketched out on paper, then traced over in Adobe Illustrator
  • Shows a balance of positive and negative space
  • Free range of color, but if you choose to use more than one color, you will submit two versions (one in black and white and one in color) as shown below:
  • Final design posted to blog in two forms
    • as a PDF of the design only


      Jason – Grade 9

    • as a PNG of the design on a t-shirt


      Jason – Grade 9

  • 150 word artist statement

Here are some t-shirt designs created by past students

Shirt Design - Liam

Liam – Grade 12



Ler – Grade 10



Jordyn – Grade 10



Alyssa – Grade 10

Today we will:

  • Introduce the project requirements and timeline
  • Brainstorm ideas for our t-shirt designs
  • Create a new blog post with the following
    • our t-shirt design concept
    • inspiration photos
  • Begin sketching 2-3 thumbnail sketches in black & white that illustrate our design ideas

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