Previewing what our designs will look like on an actual t-shirt

Once we finish vectorizing our design in Illustrator, we will use Photoshop to preview what our designs will look like on a t-shirt.

Here are some print-resolution t-shirt images to start with. You must use one of these images, both because our actual t-shirt color options are limited to black or white, and because they are large enough that they will print at a high resolution.

black_tshirt_women mens_black_tshirt

white_womens_tshirt white_mens_tshirt

Follow these steps to get your design on a t-shirt:

  1. Open your t-shirt design in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Delete the layer with your original sketch.
    (Click on the layer with the sketch, then press the trash icon trash at the bottom of the layers palette.)
  3. Unlock all remaining layers.
    (Click on any lock icons lock in the layers palette. When the lock icon disappears, it means you have unlocked the layer.)
  4. Select the black arrow tool from the top of the toolbar. black_arrow
  5. Click and drag the arrow across the entire design area. This should select all the pieces of your design.
  6. Copy your design by pressing control + c.
  7. Download the t-shirt image of your choice from this post.
    (Click on the image to view it full size, then right click -> save image as and save it to your student number.)
  8. Open Adobe Photoshop.
  9. Open the t-shirt file you have downloaded from this post.
  10. Paste your design onto the t-shirt be pressing control + v. Several options will pop up. Select “paste as SmartObject.”
  11. Scale your design to the correct size by holding down shift AND scaling from the corner.
    (If you don’t do both of these things together, you may distort your design.)
  12. When you are happy with your design, press the “enter” key.
    Here is an example of what a design might look like on a t-shirt:
  13. Save your design as both a photoshop file and a jpg.
  14. Upload the following two files to your blog:
    1. a PDF of your final t-shirt design (this is what we will print on the t-shirt)
    2. a jpg of your design on a t-shirt

Today we will:

  1. create a mock up of what our designs might actually look like on a t-shirt in Adobe Photoshop
  2. create a blog post with
    1. a PDF of your final t-shirt design (this is what we will print on the t-shirt)
    2. a jpg of your design on a t-shirt
    3. a 150 word artist statement describing your t-shirt design

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