Photographer Spotlight: William Eggleston

William Eggleston is a pioneering photographer credited with introducing color to art photography in the late 1960s. Eggleston has done the majority of his work in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. When he was first getting started in photography, he told his friend that everything in Memphis was ugly and he didn’t know what to photograph. His friend responded, “Well, photograph the ugly stuff.” Eggleston began photographing otherwise unremarkable subjects yet achieving remarkable results. Eggleston once said, “You must not take anything for granted when you are looking at a picture. Never do that. Every single little tiny space on that page works and counts.”

Here are some of examples of ways William Eggleston has turned boring, every scenes into interesting images:

William EGGLESTON, Untitled, 1977.


William Eggleston





William Eggleston

eggleston_cars  012-william-eggleston-theredlist

Read more about William Eggleston here.

Today we will:

  • take interesting photos of subject matter we would normally overlook
  • create a new blog post with the photos we took during today’s class

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