Featured Photographer: Imogen Cunningham

Examine these photographs by Imogen Cunningham to obtain inspiration for our macro photography assignment:


Imogen_Cunningham_False_ Hellibore_2_Platinum_resized



tumblr_imogen_cunninghamAs a student at the University of Washington, Imogen Cunningham was advised to study science to become a better photographer. She paid her expenses by working as a secretary to her chemistry professor and made slides for the botanists. She graduated with a major in chemistry and a thesis titled “Modern Processes of Photography.”

Cunningham, along with Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, was part of a group of California photographers known as f/64. The group was named after the tiny aperture setting that helped them achieve their ultimate goal of “clearness and definition of photographic image.” Since they idolized clarity and sharpness, they tended to photograph things as opposed to people. In the 1940s, she joined Ansel Adams on the faculty of the California School of Fine Arts.

You can learn more about Imogen Cunningham on her official website.

Today we will:

  • continue taking macro photographs outside
  • transfer the images from our phones or SD cards to our computers
  • upload our best 8-20 photos from today to our Google Drives AND class blogs
  • publish a new blog post with today’s best 8-20 photos and a few sentences about what worked well today and what you still find challenging

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