New Project: Infographic

Infographics display information in an attractive way. For our next project, you will create an infographic on a topic of your choice. You will either create a vector infographic in illustrator, or a raster infographic in Photoshop that is made of hand drawn elements.

Project requirements:

  • 11×17″ or 17×11″
  • created in Adobe Illustrator (vector) or Adobe Photoshop (raster)
  • you have created all artwork (photos, drawings, vector graphics)
  • effective use of typography & visual hierarchy
  • displays a cohesive color scheme
  • topic is accurately researched and sources are cited
  • project and artist statement posted to the blog by November 23rd or 24th

Examples of raster infographics (click to enlarge):





guide_to_espresso   heiton   fotoseed   ford-the-road-to-college-1-638

right_vs_left_brain   christmas_dinnner   nile_inforgraphic

Examples of vector infographics (click to enlarge):




rich_water_poor_water   world_Education_infographic

london_vs_paris   college_vote   amsterdam
comic_sans  bone-chilling-legends   london coffee_facts

Types of infographics:

  • compare 2 topics (ex. life before a pet, life after a pet; Tupac vs. Kendrick Lamar)
  • all about a topic (ex. graphic design as a career, history of rap music, how to make a pumpkin spice latte)
  • illustrate subcategories within a category (ex. comparison of starbucks drinks, stereotypes of students who go to SOTA, characters featured on Game of Thrones)
  • call attention to a social issue (incarceration rates by race, gender, and income; history of a disenfranchised group (ex. civil rights, gay marriage, feminism; adoption rates of different types of pets in animal shelters)

Today we will:

  • brainstorm various infographic topics
  • consult Ms. Lawson and your classmates on which topics may work the best for this assignment
  • create a new blog post with:
    • your topic
    • the type of infographic you will create to display the information
    • examples of the style of infographic you will create
    • resources you will use to research the information you will display in your infographic

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