Infographic Progress

We are about halfway through our infographic project. I have graded the progress checkpoints as follows:

  • No progress posted to blog. (We have spent 5 classes on this project. There is no excuse for this.) – 0
  • Project concept posted to blog, but no evidence of other progress – 50
  • Sufficient progress posted to blog – 100.

The progress checkpoint will comprise 20% of your total project grade.

Examples of A+ Student Infographic Progress

Hand Drawn Imagery that will be Altered in Photoshop
Sean's Infographic Progress

Sean’s Infographic Progress

Vector Imagery Created in Illustrator
Zion's Infographic Progress

Zion’s Infographic Progress

Zavion's Infographic Progress

Zavion’s Infographic Progress

Deandrey's Infogrphic Progress

Deandrey’s Infogrphic Progress

Need help? This link will guide you through setting up your infographic in Illustrator. This link will show you some ways to alter a hand-drawn image in Photoshop.

Today we will:

  • Continue working on our infographic (or senior opt out) projects
  • Post our progress to our blogs. (If your project is not digital, you must photograph your progress at the end of today’s class and post the photo to your blog.) Remember, your daily blog posts are worth 40% of your grade in this class. These are free points!

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