Street Art Project Requirements

Today you will come up with a concept for your street art project. You will create a concept sketch, photograph it, and post it to your blog, along with a paragraph describing your intended project.

Here is an example I created with Prismacolors. If you choose to do something this small/simple, you should create a series of 3 separate pieces meant to be displayed together:

Project requirements:

  • Communicates a message (you may choose to use words, symbols, or simply create a scene that tells a story)
  • Acrylic paint or Prismacolor colored pencil on black tar paper
  • Size of the artwork ties fits the concept and medium, but no smaller than 12×12″ and no larger than 18×24.” Generally, if you plan to use colored pencils, lean towards a smaller size, and if you plan to paint, consider the 18×24″ size.
  • Displays appropriate complexity for 11th and 12th grade work. (While it is ok to create technically simple work such as Keith Haring’s, if you choose to go this route, your work should be polished, show solid craftsmanship and understanding of the elements and principles of design, and be conceptually sophisticated.) A “project” that is completed in a fraction of the allotted time will not receive a passing grade.
This marking period, you will be graded on the following:
  • Basquiat blog post
  • Haring blog post
  • Project Proposal & Concept Sketch blog post

Next marking period, you will be graded on the final project, as well as on another project that we will start in February.

Today we will:

  • Create a concept sketch
  • Publish a new blog post with the following:
    • A photograph of your concept sketch
    • The answers to the following questions:
      • What message are you trying to communicate?
      • What materials will you use?
      • Describe the style (colors, line quality, level of detail, etc).
      • How large will your artwork be? Why have you chosen this size?
      • What are some anticipated stumbling blocks or potential weaknesses in your project? How do you plan to prevent/resolve these?

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