Things we learned from hanging the show

Today the 11th grade Media class spent time in the gallery hanging the 11th grade show. Here are some helpful hints for the future:

  • Bring a hammer or solid object (thumbtacks hurt!)
  • Bring nails for artwork on canvas or thick surfaces
  • Bring extra thumbtacks so they are all the same color
  • Bring small step stools (the ladder is difficult to move and overkill for most situations)
  • Bring something to use as a level/alignment reference
  • Have a layout plan before hanging. Make sure the layout is aesthetically pleasing and balances styles and colors.
  • Use a spotter to make sure you are hanging things symmetrically
  • Hang with one thumbtack in the middle first. Then, after you have made sure everything is aligned symmetrically, add more thumbtacks.

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