Street Art Checkpoint

keithwork03Today you will photograph your progress on your street art project and post it to your blog. This checkpoint is worth 25% of your final project grade. Seniors must post their progress before going to the gallery to hang the show.

The last class day for this project is Thursday, February 11th (BD Days) or Friday, February 12th (AC Days).

Project requirements:

  • Communicates a message (you may choose to use words, symbols, or simply create a scene that tells a story)
  • Acrylic paint or Prismacolor colored pencil on black tar paper
  • Size of the artwork ties fits the concept and medium, but no smaller than 12×12″ and no larger than 18×24.” Generally, if you plan to use colored pencils, lean towards a smaller size, and if you plan to paint, consider the 18×24″ size.
  • Displays appropriate complexity for 11th and 12th grade work. (While it is ok to create technically simple work such as Keith Haring’s, if you choose to go this route, your work should be polished, show solid craftsmanship and understanding of the elements and principles of design, and be conceptually sophisticated.) A “project” that is completed in a fraction of the allotted time will not receive a passing grade.

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