New Project: Vector Self Portrait

Essential question: How can I create a stylized self-portrait that displays unity with Adobe Illustrator?

For our next project, we will create a vector self portrait in Adobe Illustrator.  You will start with a photo or sketch of yourself, place the image into illustrator, and then trace over it with the pen tool. You will decide the style – realistic, expressive, cartoon, etc, but you must pick a look you are going for at the start of the project, as it will determine the techniques you use to create the project.

Here is an example Deanna created last year:


Deanna, Class of 2015

Here are some examples of other acceptable styles:

Project Requirements

  • 11×14″ (portrait) or 14×11″ (landscape)
  • created in Adobe Illustrator with the pen tool
  • Reference photo either features you or is a photo you took yourself of someone you know and have permission to use
  • High-quality craftsmanship and technical skill with the pen tool
  • Piece displays unity both in the style of line/shape and color scheme
  • Final product displays appropriate complexity for 11th and 12th grade
  • Daily progress posted to class blog. This project spans 11 classes, and you will need at least 10 daily posts. (This gives you one freebie if you are absent or late once over the course of the project.) You must upload a PDF of your progress to receive credit. No credit will be given for blog posts that say things like, “the computer crashed and I lost my work so there is nothing to upload.” It is your responsibility to back up your work to a USB Drive or your Google Drive.
  • Project meets all required deadlines:
    • Brainstorming post – 2/23 (AC Days) or 2/24 (BD Days)
    • PDF and JPG of final project and artist statement 3/23 (BD Days) or 3/24 (AC Days)

Your 3rd Marking period grade will be based on the following items:

  • Participation (40%)
    • Daily blog posts for vector self-portrait project
    • May be lowered due to chronic tardiness or poor use of class time
  • Projects (60%)
    • Street Art Project & Artist Statement
    • Vector Self Portrait
      • brainstorming (20%)
      • final project and artist statement (80%)

Today we will:

  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • the reference photo you plan to use
    • pictures of the style you intend to use (realistic, expressive lines, flat areas of color, etc)
    • examples of intended color scheme. The design seeds website is a great place to get ideas for sample color schemes.
    • a paragraph explaining why you have made your choices

This planning blog post is worth 20% of your project grade.

If you have not yet posted a photo of your completed street art project, along with a 150 word artist statement about the project, you should do so ASAP. Yolie and Brian have great examples on their blogs. I will grade the project within a week of you posting these things to your blog.


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