Mimicking a Master Photographer: Final 10 Edited Photos and Artist Statement

Today we will assemble several weeks’ worth of work. We will finish editing our best photos, and put them in a new blog post along with an artist statement about the project.

Here’s proof of the lengths some of you have gone to get these shots:

Today we will:

  • Make a new blog post with the following items:
    • Our 10 best edited photos
    • An artist statement that is a minimum of 150 words. Not sure what to write? Start by answering these questions:
    • What inspired you to choose your photographer?
    • How would you describe the theme and style of your photos?
    • What elements do your photos have in common with your photographer’s photos?
    • What are some challenges you faced during this project?
    • How did you work through these challenges?
    • What do you want people to feel or see when they look at your photos?

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