White Space in Advertising Photography

beachcropToday’s essential question: How can I properly use white space in my photos?

White space, or negative space, is the space between or surrounding objects in a composition; it is space that does not compete with the subject for your attention. It gives the eye a chance to rest and helps frame the subject.

In advertising, white space also provides room for text and/or logos.

Tips for using white space in advertising photography:

  1. Watch the direction the subject is facing. Your subject should be looking into the white space your composition has created.
  2. White space can be many “colors.” White space can be made up of different elements, as long at it is quiet and gives the eye a rest.
  3. Follow the rule of thirds. Divide your image into three sections horizontally and vertically. Place  your focal point at one of the points where these lines intersect.

Here are some photos taken by SOTA students that effectively use white space.
Notice how this enables them to be easily turned into effective advertisements:


Photo Credit: Alyssa, 11th Grade


Photo Credit: Jason, 10th Grade


Photo Credit: Jason, 10th Grade

Today we will:

  • Finish our planning blog post (if you have not already done so). To receive full credit, you must have BOTH an analysis of 3 different ads or public service announcements AND a write up of your plan for your project. More detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Begin taking photos to use in our ads or public service announcements. Post your best photos and a brief reflection to your blog.

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