My View of Rochester: AC Shooting Day 3: Indoors

Today will be our last shooting day for the “My View of Rochester” photo project. If you have made arrangements ahead of time to shadow or visit the classroom of another adult, please show Ms. Lawson the written permission. If not, here are the staff members who have offered to let us photograph their classrooms and offices:

  • Ms. Harris (middle school special education)
  • Mr. Myers (theater tech)
  • Ms. Hawkins (art)
  • Ms. Phillips (dance) – 2nd half of period 1 & 1st half of period 2 in main stage theater
  • Ms. Mueller (health)
  • Mr. Wilson (social studies – he has planning periods but has offered to let you get a behind the scenes look in the life of a teacher)
  • Ms. Kasdin (guidance counselor) – period 2 senior conference
  • Ms. Fico (art center director)
  • Mr. Jones (administrator)

I will send up to two students to each location at a time. You should be able to photograph 2-3 locations today, so please let Ms. Lawson know what your top choices are, and she will arrange a schedule.

Tips for taking good photos indoors:

  • The backgrounds should add to the story by creating an interesting environment. After you take a photo, check to make sure nothing distracting is happening in the background.
  • Watch your lighting (windows count as lighting). The fluorescent lighting in the hallways is the worst and should be avoided at all costs!
  • Don’t be afraid to stage photos and use props to make the photos more interesting.

Today we will:

  • Take photos around the school for our “My View of Rochester” photo essay
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • The best photos taken today
    • What went well and any challenges you faced
    • Whether or not you think you have enough photos to submit a collection of 10 solid photos for the final project

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