20 Best Photos & Peer Critique

Seniors – At 7:45, go to Ms. Rudy’s room to get your groups for the senior show.

Today we will gather our best photos for the “My View of Rochester” photo essay, get feedback via peer critique, and begin editing our best photos. You will make TWO blog posts today.

Links on How to Edit Photos in Photoshop

Part 1:

  • Publish a blog post with the 20 photos that you feel are the strongest or have the most potential.

Part 2:

  • Meet with 1-2 partners. Critique each other’s photos on the following topics:
    • Which photos do you feel are the strongest? Why?
    • Which photos have significant potential, but need to be cropped, have the levels adjusted, or be composited (part of the image lightened/darkened)?
    • Would your photo essay be strongest in black and white or color? Why?

Part 3:

  • Create a second blog post with the following:
    • The feedback you received from the peer critique
    • Before and afters of any photos you have started to edit

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