Last Day: My View of Rochester + College Art Majors Extra Credit


Hopefully the RIT Field Trip has opened your eyes to several art majors that will make you highly employable after college. Really.

Today we will finish editing our best photos and create a new blog post with 10-12 of our best, edited photos and a 250-word artist statement about our photo essay.

We will then finish and submit any missing or incomplete assignments.

Finally, if time allows, we will complete an extra credit assignment where we research a college art major of our choice that has a high job placement rate. (You may also complete this assignment outside of class if you do not have time  to finish it during today’s class.) It will only count if you have completed all other outstanding assignments.

Links on How to Edit Photos in Photoshop

Artist Statement Brainstorming Questions

Use these questions to get ideas for your artist statement, but make sure your final artist statement is written in paragraph form with proper English grammar (appropriate use of punctuation, capitalization, etc.)

Begin by finishing the following sentence:
My view of Rochester is…

Ask yourself what you’re photographing
What does your photo essay express?
What makes your photo essay unique?

Ask yourself why you’re photographing it
What motivates you to create this photo essay?
What emotions or feelings are you trying to convey?
What does this photo essay mean to you?

Ask yourself how you’re doing it
What do you draw inspiration from?
What tools and materials do you use? (What type of camera? Are you using color or black and white? What type of lighting?)
How does your equipment and color mode choice affect the end product?

Consider your influences
What influences you (ex. Art, music, literature, politics, the environment)?
How have these influences made an impression on you?
How do these influences manifest themselves in your photo essay?
Try to be as specific as possible.

Determine what you want people to understand
What do you want people to take away from your photo essay?
What message or emotion are you trying to convey?

Employable College Art Majors Extra Credit Assignment

Part 1: Research

The RIT majors listed below all involve art, have excellent job placement rates, and pay a living wage. Explore the links below to learn more about each major. (Tip: Anything with a BFA is going to be more art-centered, anything with a BS is going to be more technical.) I have placed an asterisk* next to the majors we learned about during the field trip.

I have also listed the minimum, median, and high salary ranges for majors where RIT has collected data. Why do you think I focused the field trip on New Media Design, New Media Interactive Development, and Game Design and Development? Why is Fine Art not listed (even though RIT offers it as a major)?

Art & Design
  • 3D Digital Design (BFA) – create digital 3D models
    $35,000.00 $50,000.00 $81,000.00
  • Industrial Design (BFA) – design projects such as cars, phones, toys, furniture
    $24,000.00 $45,000.00 $60,000.00
  • Graphic Design (BFA) – branding and advertising design (logos, posters, websites)
    $38,000.00 $47,638.00 $70,000.00
  • Interior Design (BFA) – design interior spaces (interior designers are the reason coffee shops look so nice)
    $25,534.00 $42,176.00 $49,412.00
  • New Media Design (BFA) * – design for interaction (apps, online games, websites; combines graphic design, animation, and programming)
    $50,000.00 $64,300.00 $120,000.00
  • Medical Illustration (BFA) – like drawing, science, and money? (you need to be able to draw photorealistically)
  • Visual Media (BFA) – hybrid major that combines photography and graphic design (salary range is similar to graphic design)
Game & App Development
Part 2: Blog Post

Pick 2 majors that interest you and create a new blog post with the following (for each major):

  • Name of the major
  • Description of the major (ok to copy and paste from the RIT website)
  • What are some courses that students in this major would take? Why are they interesting to you? You can find this info by clicking on the “View Curriculum” button.
  • What are some jobs that students in this major do after graduation? What are some companies that hire graduates of this major?
  • Post 5 images of work created by students in this major.
  • Why do you think this major would be a good fit for your talents and interests?

Today we will:

  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • 10-12 of our best, edited photos
    • a 250-word artist statement about our photo essay
  • Finish and post to our blogs any incomplete or missing assignments (as outlined in the progress report)
  • Complete the “Employable College Art Majors” Extra Credit Assignment

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