Project Guidelines: Vector Poster Design

Today we will begin working on our Vector Poster Project. You will brainstorm project concepts and then post a sketch of your poster design and brief write up of your concept to your blog.

You may choose to create a poster in Adobe Illustrator for one of the following:

  • Band or Musician of your choice
  • Movie of your choice (as long as your poster does not contain copyrighted characters)
  • Upcoming SOTA Art Show (11th Grade or Senior Show)

Here is an example of what I am looking for in the sketch:


Credit: Lauryl, Class of 2015

Here is what the sketch looked like as a final vector poster:


Credit: Lauryl, Class of 2015

Project Requirements:

  • create a 12×18 vector poster in Adobe Illustrator
  • all artwork used in the poster must be original
  • poster must show an understanding of the principals of design and visual hierarchy
  • poster must contain at least one word or phrase
  • words should be part of the design and drawn with the pen tool

Today we will:

  • brainstorm ideas for our project
  • create a new blog post with the following:
  • project concept (what is your poster advertising? write a few sentences about it)
  • a description of the style you are going for
  • any images you are inspired by
  • a sketch of your poster design (it is ok if you do not finish it today, but you should photograph and post what you do complete). Keep in mind that you will be using the pen tool to trace over your design in Illustrator.



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