Typographic Portrait Project Intro

Today’s essential question: How can I create a realistic portrait with words?

Our next project will be created with traditional media. You will draw a typographic portrait with black ink pen. You will carefully select words that add to the meaning of the portrait. For example, if you are drawing a musician, you may use their song lyrics. If you are drawing a character from a favorite movie or novel, you may use text from that movie or novel. You may choose to use a speech given by a public figure, or to juxtapose conflicting text and imagery to make a statement (ie. drawing a young child from legislation on standardized testing and the common core).

Here are some examples created by SOTA students:

Here are some other examples that would fit the project requirements:

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Project Requirements:

  • fills an 18×24 paper with a strong composition
  • balances positive and negative space in an aesthetically pleasing way
  • chosen words add to the meaning of the image
  • shows a range of value created with words
  • value created with black ink pen
  • Project Due December 22nd or December 23rd

How to Simplify the Values in your Reference Photo

  1. Download your image
    1. Go to images.google.com and search for an image of your celebrity that is larger than 2MP
    2. Click on the image of your choice until you can view it full size. Then right click -> save image as and REMEMBER WHERE YOU SAVED THE IMAGE
  2. Open your celebrity photo in Photoshop
    1. Open Photoshop (Click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen -> All Programs -> Adobe Master Collection CS5 -> Adobe Photoshop)
  3. File -> Open (Select the image you downloaded. You will need to remember where you saved it!)
  4. Turn the image black & white. (Image -> Mode -> Grayscale).
  5. Crop your image.
    1. Select the crop tool. Set the crop tool to 7.5×10 inches. Click and drag the crop tool until the area you want to crop is selected.
    2. Hit enter to crop your image.

Optional: Use the Cutout Filter to Further Simplify your Values to 3-5 Shades

  1. Intensify your shadows & highlights.
    1. Image -> Adjustments -> Levels
  2. Simplify your image to 3-5 shades.
    1. Layer -> Duplicate Layer
    2. Filter -> Artistic -> Cutout
  3. Touch up your image so it looks smooth and has a solid color background.
    1. Layer -> Duplicate Layer.
    2. Use the eyedropper tool to select a color, then use the brush tool (with hardness set to 100%) to color over the image and smooth out any awkward spot. The { key will make your brush smaller, and the } key will make your brush larger. You can use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the image.
  4. Save your file as both a Photoshop (.psd) and a jpg (.jpg).
  5. Upload your original image and your cutout image to your blog.

Today we will:

  • Brainstorm concepts for our typographic portrait project
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • a paragraph describing our proposed project concept (Who are you drawing a portrait of? Why? What words will you use to build your portrait? Why? What materials do you plan to use? Why?)
    • Your original reference photo
    • A black & white version of the reference photo you plan to use. Ms. Lawson will print this between classes. You may choose to use the cut paper filter in Photoshop to simplify your reference photo to 3-5 values. See the steps above earlier in this blog post for illustrated steps on how to do this. Here is the image I used for my example:
    • Copy and paste any text you may use






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