Student Teacher Introduction: Mr. McIntyre

As today is my first day as a Student Teacher, it is appropriate that I introduce myself and that you reciprocate and introduce yourself to me afterwards. As I consider myself an “Old Fart”, I’ll try to give you my story in a nutshell.

Student Teacher Bio.pages

  • I was born Gerard Thomas McHugh, Jr, on 23 Oct 1956 in Auburn, NY
  • My father was a NY State Trooper that was killed in the line of duty before I was ever born. As such, I have a lot of respect for police officers and I appreciate if any negative comments you have about police officers are kept respectful
  • You may call me either Mr McIntyre of Mr Mac. Which ever you are most comfortable remembering
  • Mom remarried a Rocket Scientist and Richard adopted my eldest sister and myself then proceeded to have seven more children.
  • I am the eldest male of a family of nine. I have one older sister, four younger brothers and three younger sisters.
  • I jokingly refer to myself as the dummy of the family because all of my brothers and sisters are very well educated. I have two sisters that are nurses, one brother that is aNuclear Engineer and works for the Secret Service as a 1 Star General equivalent, one brother that is a biomedical engineer, another brother that is a National Hero and was awarded the highest American Medal for helping 87 people out of the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 while it was burning after the airliner crashed into it. He is now down to a quarter of one lung.
  • My father took me into his darkroom when I was in fourth grade and I have been interested in photography ever since. I have carried more than one camera for the last forty years
  • My family has a strong history of service to country. All five boys and one sister served in one branch of service or the other. We have served in Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and I currently have a niece in the Coast Guard. My daughter, Jenniffer, that was made in Japan, is currently a General Officer’s Aide at the Pentagon and was recently promoted to Master Sergeant.
  • I joined the Air Force in Jan 1975 and I retired in Aug of 1999. I have no idea where all the time went so quickly. I was a triathlete and love to swim, bike and run. My bad back has slowed me down but not stopped me. I have lived in Asia, (Japan, Korea, and the Philippines) the Middle East, and all over the United States. My last assignment was in Alaska. It is the most beautiful place I have ever lived in my life.
  • I met my wife, Maria, in Altus Oklahoma, in May of 1975, and we were married in May of 1976. We were together 21 years and we have four children and fourteen grandchildren. Maria passed away while we were stationed in Minot , North Dakota in June of 1996. I still love and miss her very much.
  • I have been very active in the communities I have lived in and I am a Past President of the Eagle River Elks and the Eagle River Lions Clubs in Eagle River Alaska.
  • I installed high end security systems for banks and credit unions all over Alaska. There are only seven roads in Alaska and I have more miles in the air than I can even begin to recount.
  • I have been an Alaskan Mountain Man and lived on the side of Bear Mountain in Chugiak, Alaska. I lived next to the Chugach Rain Forest which is the second largest rain forest in the continental United States. The largest is Tongas National Rain Forest in Southwest Alaska.
  • My second marriage didn’t work out so, I came back to New York and got two degrees from Buffalo State College. A BFA with a major of Photography and a BA with a major of Art. I am a Jack of All Trades but Master of None. Both were with Cum Laude Honors. I am currently attending RIT to get a Masters of Science for Teachers with a major in Visual Arts. I currently have a 3.78 GPA.
  • Now, I will now show you my photography and share a few more stories of some of my travels. Please feel free to raise your hand if you have any questions.
  • After I do my slideshow, I would like each of you stand up and to tell me a little bit about yourselves. Then, please fill out and post the personal questionnaire on the blog.
  • Thank you for being polite while I am telling you about the “Travels of Mr. McIntyre.”
  • Some of my photos are available here

Today we will:

  • Learn about Mr. McIntyre, both as an artist and an individual
  • Introduce ourselves to Mr. McIntyre by creating a new blog post with the answers to the following questions:
    • Name:
    • Size and Position in family:
    • Favorite sports you participate in:
    • Paste a copy of your favorite art piece here and explain what you like about it:
    • Favorite image (copy and paste here) from Mr. McIntyre’s portfolio and why you like it:
    • Current plans after high school:




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