Featured Artist: Annie Liebovitz

Today’s essential question: How can the costumes, backgrounds, and accessories in an image work together to tell a story?

Today we will refine our concepts, making sure we our planned subject, background, accessories, and costumes will work together to tell a cohesive story and create the intended mood.

Featured Artist: Annie Liebovitz

Photographer Annie Liebovitz creates fantasy scenes with a combination of elaborate costumes, props, lighting, and digital manipulation. Here are some examples of her work:

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos illustrating how she created these images:

This article shows how Annie Liebovitz created her Disney series. We will use similar problem solving skills for our Digital Storytelling project.

Today we will:

  • View and discuss examples of Annie Liebovitz’s work
  • Continue to refine our concepts. If you have not already done so, list any costumes or props that you plan to bring next class.
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • finished concept sketch (including the planned scene/background and any intended accessories)
    • a well-developed paragraph describing your concept. Include who you plan to photograph, what type of background or scene you will use, what types of costumes, accessories, or props you will incorporate, and what type of imagery (if any) you will use from the internet

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