Featured Artist: Tim Burton & The Green Screen

Several people still need to finish their project proposals. To receive full credit for your project proposal blog post, you need to include the following things:

  • a well-developed concept sketch that includes characters, accessories, and a scene with a background
  • a paragraph describing your concept, as well as which students will be your models, and what sorts of costumes and props you will need
  • any images from the internet you may use in your scene (or that depict the type of environment, costumes, or accessories that you will attempt to photograph)

Brian has created an A+ project proposal. Please use his as a reference if you did not receive full credit.

Today’s Essential Question: How can I use a green screen to capture digital imagery?

Today we will learn how to shoot photos in front of a green screen. We will light, pose, and photograph models as a class, then analyze our photos at the Smart Board.

First, though, we will look at how director Tim Burton utilized green screen technology for his 2010 production of Alice In Wonderland.

Here are some stills from Alice in Wonderland:

And here are some images depicting what was actually filmed in front of a green screen:

What surprises you? What ideas have these behind-the-scenes images given you for your own project?

Want to learn more? This article covers Tim Burton’s utilization of a green screen and other special effects.

Today we will:

  • Light, pose, and photograph models as a class
  • Analyze our photos at the Smart Board
  • Create a blog post with the following:
    • What did you learn from today’s green screen demonstration?
    • What challenges do you anticipate when photographing your subjects?
    • What, if anything, will you modify about your project concept after today’s green screen lesson?
    • What (if any) costumes and props are you struggling to find? What are some resources you may use to acquire these costumes/props? How might you modify your project concept to use costumes or props that you already have?

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