In Process Critique

Today’s essential question: How can I use Photoshop to transform my artwork into an even more realistic scene?

Today we will critique our digital storytelling pieces with 1-2 partners. This is an in-process critique, so we are looking for potential, rather than perfection. Please copy and paste the following questions into a new blog post, and answer then with your partners about YOUR artwork. The peer critique will conclude by the end of 1st period. We will then spend 2nd period modifying our projects according to the suggestions we received during the peer critique.

Here are some projects that are off to a great start. What are some things that are working well in each project? How have these projects inspired you to improve your own piece?

Questions for In Process Peer Critique

  • How has the artist established unity throughout the piece?
  • Is the lighting consistent? How can it be improved?
  • Do the characters, costumes, background, and props go together?
  • Do the characters appear to be in, rather than pasted on top of, the environment? What are some ways the artist could make the characters realistically look like they are in the scene?
  • What are some changes that could make the piece even more unified?

Project requirements:  no pixelation, backgrounds neatly removed (no green or jagged edges), images photographed from appropriate angles, all parts of artwork are proportional to one another

  • What are some ways the artist could improve the craftsmanship on the project?

Project requirements: no copyrighted characters, piece created from a minimum of 6 images, at least 3 of which were photographed by the artist, any images taken from the internet must be noticeable modified

  • What are some suggestions to ensure the originality of this piece?

Today we will:

  • Critique our digital storytelling pieces with 1-2 partners
  • Create a new blog post with the following
    • An image of our artwork as it currently looks
    • The questions in this blog post (copy and paste)
    • Answer the questions in this blog post with the feedback your partner gave you about YOUR project
    • A second image with any of the suggested changes made to the project after the peer critique




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