Digital Storytelling: Last Day

Today we will finish our digital storytelling projects and write our artist statements. Here are some outstanding finished projects:

Artist Statement Brainstorming Questions (final artist statement must be in paragraph form):

  • Describe your concept. What story are you trying to tell? Why did you decide to combine these particular characters, accessories, and backgrounds? What inspired you to create this particular project?
  • Explain how you created your project. What parts of your project did you create yourself (either by taking photos or drawing imagery)? What parts did you download from the internet? How did you modify the images you downloaded from the internet to make them uniquely yours?
  • What challenges did you face while creating this project? How did you work through these challenges?
  • What do you want people to see, feel, or think when they see your project?
  • Hindsight is 20/20. What would you do differently if you were to start the project today?

Today we will:

  • Finish our digital storytelling projects
  • Create a final blog post with the following:
    • a FULL SIZE PNG or JPG of our completed project
    • an artist statement in paragraph form about the project that is a minimum of 150 words

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