Animation Day 3: Rotation

Today’s essential question: How can I use the transform tool and rotation points to animate a moving character in Adobe Flash?

Today we will complete the Cat Rotation tutorial. You will need to sign into your school Google Drive account, open the Animation folder I have shared with you, and download the “black_cat.psd” file. Do not try to use your own image for this tutorial, as it will not have the body parts on separate layers like this file does.


Finish early? Learn how to animate an object that moves along a motion path.

Today we will:

  • Complete Cat Rotation tutorial, upload both the flash and swf files to the animation folders in our school Google Drive accounts, and make sure we have shared the folder with Ms. Lawson
  • Complete the Ghost Dog and Bouncing Ball tutorials, and share those files with Ms. Lawson (if you have not already done so)
  • Write a few sentences on our blog summarizing any challenges you faced today, how you worked through those challenges, and how you currently feel about computer animation.

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