Animation Tutorial Catch Up Day

Folders have been updated. Please check your class folder for a list of tasks to complete today.
No one should be working on their typographic animation or Illustrator image today.

Today we will finish any missing or incomplete tutorials, place both the Flash and SWF files of each completed tutorial in a folder labeled with your name, upload the folder to your school Google Drive Account, and share the folder with Ms. Lawson.

RIT’s Spring Preview Day is next Friday, April 21st. If you are interested in attending, please register here.

Today we will:

  • Finish any of the following tutorials (if you have not yet already done so):
  • Upload both the flash and swf files of any tutorials we have completed to the animation folders in our school Google Drive accounts, and make sure we have shared the folder with Ms. Lawson.
    All completed tutorials must be in the same folder, and the folder must be clearly marked with your name in order to receive credit.
  • If  time allows, work on our storyboard sketches.

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