Movie Trailer Day 2: Script & Brainstorming Film Stills

Today’s essential question: How can I write an interesting script for my movie trailer?


Today we will work on our scripts and brainstorm the types of still photos we will need to take to storyboard the various parts of our movie trailer. Next class, we will shoot the still photos and publish a blog post with the still photos and script. Dallas has created an excellent example of what I am looking for.

You must publish a blog post with your completed script and still photos before you will be allowed to start filming your video.

If you did not publish your project proposal on Monday, please do so now, and then begin working on your script.

Today we will:

  • Publish a new blog post with the following:
    • the script for our movie trailer
    • ideas of the types of photos you will take next class to storyboard your movie trailer (ex. photo of the empty library, photo of the serial killer lurking in the shadows of the library, photo of a girl being stabbed by the serial killer in the library, photo of another girl running in terror through the library)
    • locations where you will take each photo



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