Movie Trailer Day 3: Shooting Film Stills

Today’s essential question: How can I frame well-designed shots in my movie trailer?

Featured Artist: Wes Anderson

Director Wes Anderson is known for his well-designed frames. You can stop one of his movies at any point, and it will look like a well staged photograph. Check out the examples below.

What photography techniques has he used in his films?

Moonrise Kingdom

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Today we will shoot photos to go along with the script. By the end of today’s class, you should publish a blog post with 5-10 still photos and a script to go along with those photos. (You can copy and paste the script from last class’s blog post.) Include links to any music you plan to incorporate. Use Dallas’s blog post as a guideline of what I am looking for.

Make sure you take a photo of every major part of your trailer in its intended location. (For example, if a serial killer stabs someone in the Media classroom, you need to take a photo of your serial killer character pretending to stab that person in this classroom. The point of the photo assignment is to make sure your intended characters and locations work the way you think they will.)

Today we will:

  • Discuss how to frame well-designed cinematic shots
  • Shoot 5-10 still photos that will serve as a storyboard for your movie
  • Publish a blog post with the following:
    • 5-10 still photos showing how you will stage the various parts of your movie trailer. Include a closing screen.
    • You will insert each photo alongside the relevant part of your actual script/voiceover. If you plan to use background music, name which part of which song you plan to use and why.

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