Movie Trailer Day 4: Beginning Filming

dog_video_camera.jpgToday we will review the requirements for the project proposal blog post, finish our project proposals, and then begin filming our movie trailers. Although Rae’s project proposal is not yet finished, it is a good example of the structure I am looking for.

Please check the progress report in your folder. Most of this class is oblivious as to how their lack of classwork has affected their grade. We will have Art Education graduate students observing our next two classes (Wednesday and Friday). Please represent this class in a positive manner.

The following people should meet with me at the beginning of class to discuss what changes they need to make to receive full credit for their project proposals (must include script with narrator voiceover and at least 5 still photos). After publishing a new blog post with these changes, they may begin filming their movie trailers: Shaborn, Eh Tha, Jaden, Mason, Rae, Carleton, Sylena, Hsa Doe. Everyone else should continue working on their scripts + still photos, publishing a completed project proposal with both of these pieces to their blogs by the end of today’s class.

Today we will:

  • Check the progress reports in our folders.
  • Finish our movie trailer project proposals. For full credit, these must include:
    • script with narrator voiceover
    • at least 5 still photos of the key scenes/action
  • Begin filming our movie trailer project proposals.
  • Upload any footage we have filmed to our shared Media 2 folder in our Google Drive accounts.
  • Upload the same footage to YouTube.
  • Include Youtube video links to our footage in today’s blog post.



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