Movie Trailer Day 5: Staging and Camera Angles

Today’s essential question: How can how I frame my shot and angle the camera affect how my scene is portrayed?

Today we will begin filming. Ms. Lawson must have approved your project proposal script + photos in order for you to film your trailer. (You may act in a classmate’s trailer but you are not allowed to film your own until you have properly submitted a project proposal.)

Note: You must carry press passes with you at all times. Anyone caught without a press pass will lose the privilege of leaving the classroom and will have to do an alternate assignment.

What are some reasons these still frames are successful?

Today we will:

  • Begin filming our movie trailers.
  • Upload any footage we have filmed to our shared Media 2 folder in our Google Drive accounts.
  • Upload the same footage to YouTube.
  • Include Youtube video links to our footage in today’s blog post. If you spent the entire class acting, please post the link to the videos you acted in to receive credit for today’s class.

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