Movie Trailer Day 8: Staging Key Scenes

Today’s essential question: What are some differences between a movie and a movie trailer?

As you film your scenes, remember that the assignment is a 60-second movie trailer, not an actual movie. You will want a series of interesting shots, but will not need to use entire scenes. How can you tell if you should use part of a video in your trailer? Pause the video and see if the still image conveys the story on its own. If so, it is interesting enough to make it into the final cut.

Here are some screen shots from videos taken last class. How are the camera angles and camera distance helping to tell the story?


Why is the bird’s eye view awkward for the scene below?


Why does this shot of people sitting around a table tell a better story?


Ezequiel has shot some great scenes. How are the camera angles and camera distance adding to the quality of the video? What are the most interesting parts of the video that he should use in his trailer?

Remember, we are not filming an entire movie. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are probably trying to capture too much of the plot. Think of how you can do the least amount of work to get your story across!

Today we will:

  • Continue filming our movie trailers. Focus on filming footage that can be spliced together for the trailer.
    DO NOT try to film an entire movie!
  • Upload any footage we have filmed to our shared Media 2 folder in our Google Drive accounts.
  • Upload the same footage to YouTube.
  • Include Youtube video links to our footage in today’s blog post. If you spent the entire class acting, please post the link to the videos you acted in to receive credit for today’s class.

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