Vector Silhouettes Day 3: Posture & Body Language

Today’s essential question: How can posture and body language illustrate the interaction between characters?

Today we will continue working on our vector silhouettes. Make sure any photos you take do not awkwardly cut off body parts. If part of a foot or hand is missing, you will have nothing to trace when you bring your image into Illustrator!

Here are some strong student examples from last year. How has each character’s posture or body language helped tell a story?


Image Credit: Lily


Image Credit: McKenzie


Image Credit: Subash

Today we will:

  • Finish taking our reference photos or drawing our reference sketches
  • Finish our official project proposal blog posts. This should include:
    • written description of your concept (can be copied and pasted from previous classes’ blog posts)
    • final reference photos or sketches

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