Vector Silhouettes Day 5: Backgrounds

Today’s essential question: How can I add meaning to my silhouette project with a simple background?

When you finish outlining your silhouettes, you will combine them into one image. Your file should be 18×12″ or 14×11″ depending on the layout. This will help you determine what to add for the background. Look at Hsa’s example below. What are some things he could add to the scene to further his concept?


Note: Not every project needs a background, but many could be improved with one. If you are not sure whether you should add any background objects, please show Ms. Lawson the current state of your project.

How do the backgrounds in the examples below add to the story?

Project Timeline: Plan to finish your project by the end of Friday’s class. If you have not yet started tracing your project in Illustrator, please see Ms. Lawson immediately to set up a time to catch up. The following people should arrange a time to catch up: Danny, Avery, Aquan, Seth, Rae’ionna, Raul

Today we will:

  • Continue tracing over our silhouette photos or sketches
  • Create a blog post with the following:
    • BOTH a PDF and a PNG of each image you have traced over
    • a few sentences describing what is going well, as well as anything you would like help with

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