Infographic Day 4: Creating Simple Vector Graphics

Today’s essential question: How can I create simple vector graphics to use in my infographic?

Follow these tips to create successful vector graphics:

Keep it simple

Create your graphic from the simplest shapes possible, and include the minimum amount of details needed for your graphic to be recognizable

Keep it bold

Create contrast through color, shape, and scale

Keep your style consistent
  • Either use line art in all areas or no areas.
    Keep an eye on core styles such as line art for defining areas. If you’re going to use it, use it throughout your whole creation.
  • Use the same palette throughout.
    Introducing new colors to one area only may make that element stick out like a sore thumb.
Here are some examples of photos of faces that have been successfully turned into vector graphics:

Today we will:

  • Continue working on our infographic designs
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • a PDF of our progress (this will look like a link)
    • a PNG of our progress (this will look like an image)
    • a few sentences describing the types of graphics you plan to create, and the style you are going for

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