Infographic Day 6: Design Rockstars

Today’s essential questions: What are some things that are working well in the featured student examples below? What could be improved to make them even better? What ideas do these give you about your own project?

Things to critique:

  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Quality of Graphics
  • Typography

Missing Silhouette PDFs

grumpy_cat_santa.jpgThe following people never posted the PDF files of their finished silhouette projects to their blogs. The projects were printed over break, but if you would like a small version of your project printed for the show that opens next week, please post your PDF to your blog IMMEDIATELY:

  • Ezequiel
  • Jamila
  • Hsa

Today we will:

  • Analyze the progress of our infographics so far
  • Continue working on our infographic projects, incorporating any changes we may want to make after today’s in progress critique
  • Upload the newest PDF of our progress to our Google Drives
  • Post both a PDF and PNG of our progress to our blogs

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