Animation Tutorials Day 1: Bouncing Ball & Ghost Dog Transparency Tutorials

Today’s essential questions: How can I use the principles of animation to animate a bouncing ball in Adobe Flash? How can I use alpha channels to create fade effects when animating in Adobe Flash?

Today we will begin our animation unit by completing two tutorials in Flash.
They will teach us how to fade an object, and how to animate a bouncing ball.

Bouncing Ball Tutorial

Open Adobe Flash on your computer.
Then follow the steps in this handout to animate a bouncing ball!

Ghost Dog Transparency Tutorial

Complete the Ghost Dog Transparency tutorial. Save the image of the ghost dog from this blog post, or download your own image with a transparent background to use.

Uploading a Flash Animation to YouTube

You will need to save all your flash files and upload them to your Google Drive (this will also allow you to open up the file and make changes at a later date if needed), but you will not be able to post this file format to YouTube. Therefore, you must also export an MOV of each tutorial and post that to YouTube in order to receive credit. Here is how you can export an MOV file from Flash:

  1. Click File -> Export -> Export Movie
  2. Select Quicktime from the drop down menu, name your file with your name, and press export
  3. Upload the MOV to YouTube and link it in today’s blog post

Today we will:

  • Complete the following tutorials:
    • Bouncing Ball
    • Ghost Dog Transparency
  • Upload the Animations to YouTube
  • Create a New Blog Post with the Following
    • Finished Bouncing Ball Animation
    • Finished Ghost Dog Transparency Animation
    • A few sentences describing any challenges you faced and how you worked through those challenges

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