New Project: Typographic Animation

Today’s essential question: How can I depict the meaning of a word using only the letters in the word and definition?

Today we will introduce our typographic word animation project and create storyboards for potential animations. We will sketch each of the major keyframes, write a written description of the action, and identify which Flash tutorials and tools we will use to create each action (ex. scale, rotation, transparency, motion path). If you are not sure which tool to use, ask a classmate or Ms. Lawson for help! You must post a photo of your storyboard and a one paragraph description of your planned animation in order to receive credit.

Typographic Animation Project Requirements

  • Created in Adobe Flash
  • Uses only the letters in the word (and potentially the definition of the word)
  • Illustrates the meaning of the word
  • Follows the Principles of Animation
  • Sound adds to the meaning of the piece
  • 5 seconds long

Typographic Animation Examples

Examples of typographic animations created by previous SOTA Students:

Random internet examples of typographic bumper animations:

Animation Project Planning Blog Post Requirements:

Here is an example of what I am looking for in a storyboard:

Here are some examples of typographic animation project proposals created by previous SOTA students:

Today we will:

  • Introduce the typographic word animation project
  • Sketch storyboards for potential animations
  • Create a new blog post with the following:
    • A photo of our storyboard. Your storyboard must include:
      • sketch each of the major keyframe
      • a written description of the action
      • a list of which Flash tutorials and tools you will use for each part of the animation (ex. scale, rotation, transparency, motion path)
    • A few sentences describing your planned animation




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