RIT Field Trip: New Media Careers

Today’s essential question: How do art and technology combine into real world careers?


If you enjoyed yesterday’s field trip, you may want to considering majoring in New Media.
New Media majors design experiences, from the latest app to games to virtual reality.
It is one of the highest-paying fields, with average salaries starting near $70,000/year. (Translation: $35/hr)

Here’s more info on the two majors we explored yesterday:

If you are interested in applying to either major, please speak with Ms. Lawson to develop a plan.

If you have not yet finished your word animation and accompanying artist statement, please do so today.
You’ll notice from the New Media Design link that you’ve just completed a college project. Congratulations.

after_effects_logo  After Effects

If you enjoyed the name animation workshop, we do have an older version of After Effects on these computers. Feel free to open it up and see how much you remember.

Unity_Technologies_logo.svg Unity

If you enjoyed the 3D modeling workshop and have a laptop or desktop computer at home, Unity is available as a free download.

You can also download yesterday’s starter files.


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