End of the Year Stuff

The following people have not turned in their finished PSAs and accompanying artist statements:

  • Danny (artist statement)
  • Colin (artist statement)
  • Ezekiel (PSA and artist statement)
  • Jamila (artist statement)
  • Seth (PSA and artist statement)
  • Eh Tha (artist statement)
  • Jaden (PSA and artist statement)

You must ALSO finish your Create-Your-Own project in order to pass the marking period.


Write a thank you note to Donors Choose thanking them for the video cameras and post it to your blog. It should be a minimum of 150 words.


Final Project: Create Your Own

paintbrush selection 1aToday’s essential questions: What are some potential project ideas for the last project of the school year?
How can I create them?

You get to design your final project of the year! Before starting the project, you will submit a project proposal and discuss it with Ms. Lawson. This project proposals, along with the artist statement you write at the end of the project, will comprise your 10% homework grade.

Acceptable Project Ideas:

  • Digital Illustration and Digital Painting (either in Photoshop on a Dell Canvas, Procreate on an iPad, or Illustrator on the computer)
  • Graphic Design (posters, t-shirts, phone case designs, logos, websites)
  • Video (movie trailers, music videos, commercials, documentaries, short films)
  • Animation (computer animation in Flash, stop motion animation, traditional hand drawn animation in Flip-a-Clip on an iPad)

Unacceptable Media3 Project Ideas:

  • Projects you are already working on for another class
  • Projects not an 11th/12th grade level
  • Projects that do not somehow involve media technology
  • Projects that are not original/involve copyrighted characters
  • Projects that do not reflect 5 weeks’ worth of effort

Sample Projects Created by Past SOTA Students

Here are some examples of solid student-designed projects.
Notice how these students challenged themselves to create college-level work:

Publishing your Project Proposal

Today you will make a new blog post proposing the project that you have designed and wish to create.

Note: If you do not finish your project proposal during today’s class, publish it anyway with a note that it is incomplete and that you will finish it during our next class. You must publish at least a partial blog post to receive credit for today’s class.

Answer the following questions in your blog post:

  1. Project Name:
  2. What materials and software will you use to create this project? Your proposed project MUST use a computer, tablet, or cell phone, and it must be done during class time.
  3. What skills will you learn or refine by creating this project?
  4. What artists or art movements will you explore for inspiration? It is ok to be general in the proposal, stating something like, “Black and white photographers who shoot landscapes.” As you work on your project and discover artists and art movements that relate to your piece (in this case, Ansel Adams would fit the description), make sure to acknowledge them in your blog.
  5. What resources will you use to learn how to create your project (since you won’t have daily blog posts from Ms. Lawson to guide you through the project)? Include links.
  6. Write a paragraph briefly describing your proposed concept:
  7. Include a few images to help illustrate your idea:

Today we will:

  • Design our own project that we will create as our final project of the school year
  • Publish our project proposals to our blogs